Murad Kablan

PhD Student at University of Colorado Boulder

Welcome to My Webpage :)

Hello there!!! My name is Murad Kablan (yes, with b not p). Long story short, back home (Libya) they made a mistake in my passport and typed "Kaplan" so I got stuck with it in all my offical documents here in the US! But you can use both, it is not a big deal for me :)

OK, back to my page. I am a PhD student at University of Colorado at Boulder (CU-Bouder). I received my Master in Computer Science in 2011 from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) advised by Mark Claypool and co-advised by Craig Wills. I received my Bachelor in Computer Science, ranked first in class, from University of Benghazi in Libya. At CU-Boulder, I work with Eric Keller.

I am interested in the areas of research that affect computer networks and cloud computing, investigating issues related to congestion control, wireless, middleboxes, distributed systems and cloud applications. I am a big fan of Software Defined Networks (SDN). I like the idea of building and controlling my own network. With SDN, I combine my programming skills with my networking experience (two of the best things I like to do most!).

 During my PhD studies (especially in summers), I will be happy to work in internships in research labs (companies/universities) in the above mentioned areas.


Stuff I play with

OpenStack Cloud Computing Software Platform

Floodlight SDN Controller

OpenVirteX Network Hypervisor

Java Programming Language

Unix Operating System

Awesome people I work/ed with

Eric Keller (My Advisor)

Hani Jamjoom (IBM Research)

Vijay Gopalakrishnan (AT&T Research)

Matt Monaco

Oliver Michel

Michael Coughlin

Andy Sayler