Improving User QoE for Residential Broadband: Adaptive Traffic Management at the Network Edge

  • Felix Ming Fai Wong, Carlee Joe-Wong, Sangtae Ha, Zhenming Liu, and Mung Chiang
  • IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Quality and Service (IWQoS), June 2015 (22.5% acceptance rate)
  • ( paper_pdf )

Smart Data Pricing

  • Soumya Sen, Carlee Joe-Wong, Sangtae Ha, and Mung Chiang
  • Communications of the ACM, 2015
  • ( paper_pdf )

T-Chain: General Incentive Scheme for Cooperative Computing

  • Kyuyong Shin, Carlee Joe-Wong, Sangtae Ha, Yung Yi, Injong Rhee, and Douglas Reeves
  • International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS), July 2015 (12.89% acceptance rate)
  • ( paper_pdf )

Automatically Freezing Live Video for Annotation during Remote Collaboration

  • Seungwon Kim, Gun A. Lee, Sangtae Ha, Nobuchika Sakata, and Mark Billinghurst
  • Work In Progress, ACM CHI, April 2015
  • ( paper_pdf )

CYRUS: Towards Client-Defined Cloud Storage

  • Jaeyoon Chung, Carlee Joe-Wong, Sangtae Ha, James Won-Ki Hong, and Mung Chiang
  • ACM EuroSys, April 2015 (21.33% acceptance rate)
  • ( paper_pdf )

Do Mobile Data Plans Affect Usage? Results from a Pricing Trial with ISP Customers

  • Carlee Joe-Wong, Sangtae Ha, Soumya Sen, and Mung Chiang
  • Passive and Active Measurement Conference (PAM), March 2015 (27% acceptance rate)
  • ( paper_pdf )

Sponsoring Mobile Data: An Economic Analysis of the Impact on Users and Content Providers

  • Carlee Joe-Wong, Sangtae Ha, and Mung Chiang
  • IEEE INFOCOM, April 2015 (19% acceptance rate)
  • ( paper_pdf )

Secondary Markets for Mobile Data: Feasibility and Benefits of Traded Data Plans

  • Liang Zheng, Carlee Joe-Wong, Chee Wei Tan, Sangtae Ha, and Mung Chiang
  • IEEE INFOCOM, April 2015 (19% acceptance rate)
  • ( paper_pdf )



Individualization for Education at Scale: MIIC Design and Preliminary Evaluation

  • Christopher Brinton, Ruediger Rill, Sangtae Ha, Mung Chaing, Robert Smith, and William Ju
  • IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, November 2014
  • ( paper_pdf )

Transparent, Live Migration of a Software-Defined Network

  • Soudeh Ghorbani, Cole Schlesinger, Matthew Monaco, Eric Keller, Matthew Caesar, Jennifer Rexford, and David Walker
  • ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing (SoCC), November 2014
  • ( paper_pdf )

WASP: A Software-Defined Communication Layer for Hybrid Wireless Networks

  • Murad Kaplan, Chenyu Zheng, Matthew Monaco, Eric Keller, Douglas Sicker
  • ACM/IEEE Symposium on Architectures for Networking and Communications Systems (ANCS). Oct., 2014
  • ( paper_pdf )

ClosedFlow: OpenFlow-like Control over Proprietary Devices

  • Ryan Hand, Eric Keller
  • in ACM Workshop on Hot topics in SDN (HotSDN). Aug., 2014
  • ( paper_pdf, pres_pptx  )

(poster) Extending the Software-defined Network Boundary

  • Oliver Michel, Michael Coughlin, Eric Keller
  • at ACM SIGCOMM. Aug., 2014
  • ( paper_pdf, poster )

(poster) Making the Live Network the Honeypot

  • Michael Coughlin, Oliver Michel, Eric Keller, and Adam J. Aviv
  • at USENIX Symp. on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI), Apr., 2014.
  • ( paper_pdf, poster )




Applying Operating System Principles to SDN Controller Design

Active Security

Software-Defined Energy Communication Networks: From Substation Automation to Future Smart Grids

  • Adam Cahn, Juan Hoyos, Matthew Hulse, Eric Keller
  • in IEEE Conf. on Smart Grid Communications (SmartGridComm), Oct., 2013.
  • paper_pdf )

Jobber: Automating Inter-Tenant Trust in The Cloud

Towards Elastic Operating Systems

(poster) WASP: A Centrally Managed Communication Layer for Smart Phone Networks

(poster) yanc: Yet Another Network Controller

(poster) Jobber: Automating Inter-Tenant Trust in The Cloud

  • Andy Sayler, Eric Keller
  • in USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI), May, 2013.
  • paper_pdf )


Live migration of an entire network (and its hosts)