The Next Generation Networks (NGN) Group at the the University of Colorado, led by Eric Keller and Sangtae Ha, is researching all things having to do with the networked systems of modern and future infrastructures. We look at the security, reliability, performance, etc. of networked infrastructures such as data centers, enterprises, and even smart grids -- basically anything with a communication network.  

If you are interested in working with us, please see the About Us page to learn more about the group.


  • (04/11/2015) Sangtae's paper has been accepted to IEEE/ACM IWQoS (20 out of 89 = 22.5% acceptance rate)
  • (04/07/2015) Sangtae's paper on SDP is accepted to Communications of ACM.
  • (03/23/2015) Kyuyong and Sangtae's paper has been accepted to IEEE ICDCS 2015 (70 out of 543 = 12.89% acceptance rate)
  • (02/13/2015) Zoomi, the successor of Doceoware that Sangtae co-founded in 2012, recently raised 4.4M
  • (01/22/2015) Sangtae will co-chair the SECON workshop on Fog Networking for 5G and IoT
  • (01/20/2015) Sangtae's paper is accepted to EuroSys 2015 (32 out of 150 = 21.33% acceptance rate).
  • (12/18/2014) Sangtae and his colleagues were awarded the INFORMS ISS Design Science Award 2014.
  • (12/10/2014) Sangtae will be a guest editor for IEEE Network Magazine special issue on Smart Data Pricing. Please consider submitting your article to this issue. Manuscript deadline is Aug. 1, 2015.
  • (11/28/2014) Sangtae's paper is accepted to Passive and Active Measurement (PAM) Conference 2015 (27 out of 100 = 27% acceptance rate).
  • (11/17/2014) Two papers on SDP are accepted to IEEE INFOCOM 2015.
  • (11/10/2014) Sangtae's paper is accepted to Transactions on Learning Technologies.
  • (10/23/2014) This Forbes article discusses DataMi, a startup Sangtae co-founded, as one of startups to watch.
  • (9/19/2014) Matt and Eric's paper is accepted at ACM SoCC 2014 -- "Transparent, Live Migration of a Software-Defined Network."  
  • (9/17/2014) IEEE ComSoc Technology News has published a special issue on our research efforts in "Smart Data Pricing".
  • (9/15/2014) Sangtae's book "Smart Data Pricing" is now available.  It can be purchased on Amazon.
  • (9/9/2014) OSDI poster accepted titled "Mobile Applications with Reconfigurable Hardware". Congrats Mike and Ali.
  • (9/1/2014) Active Security awarded by the NSF  
  • (8/25/2014) New school year -- Eric is teaching Advanced Computer and Network System Security, Sangtae is teaching Data Communications 1.
  • (8/25/2014) Welcome to Sangtae Ha, joining us from NC State by way of Princeton (post-doc) and a year at DataMi which he co-founded.